Fierce competition at table tennis

Competition three of Rainbow Beach table tennis is underway with eight teams battling for the champion title. The additional tables purchased by the Community Centre enables two matches in each of the 6 and 7pm time slots, so the action in the hall is fierce and everyone gets home at a reasonable time.

Wednesday morning social table tennis grows in popularity and it is planned to expand that, to at least an additional day in the near future.

The competition draw for the rest of the month is;

3/10 6pm Kiwi Connect v Tin Canners, Rainbow Realty v Bing Bongs: 7pm Thistles v Sports Power, Escape v Aust the Gift

10/10 6pm Aust the Gift v Thistles, Kiwi Connect v Bing Bongs: 7pm Tin Canners v Escape, Rainbow Realty v Sports Power

17/10 6pm Aust the Gift v Rainbow Realty, Sports Power v Kiwi Connect: 7pm Thistles v Tin Canners, Escape v Bing Bongs

23/10 6pm Kiwi Connect v Thistles, Tin Canners v Sports Power: 7pm Rainbow Realty v Escape, Bing Bongs v Aust the Gift

30/10 6pm Tin Canners v Bing Bongs, Thistles v Rainbow Realty: 7pm Escape v Kiwi Connect, Aust the Gift v Sports Power

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