Feel like a run?

Rainbow Beach Marathon FestivalBe a part of the Rainbow Beach Marathon Festival, August 14! Entries are currently double those this time last year – people are starting to notice just how special Rainbow Beach is for running.

There’s stunning scenery from Carlo Sand Blow, through sub-tropical rain forest to Lake Poona and out to Teewah Beach and Double Island Point.

There are fantastic new half marathon and 11km courses, marking every 250 metres, to choose from:

  • Rainbow Beach Marathon 42km
  • Lake Poona Half Marathon 21km
  • Bymein Bush Run 11km

They’ll be running all participants over the Sand Blow this year (out and back) and also, the half-marathon participants will have the pleasure of taking in Lake Poona, previously only the marathoners were privileged enough to get down there.

Organisers rate Rainbow Beach as “nothing short of spectacular” and “with the best crowd of like-minded people”. Races begin at oceanside at Phil Rodgers Park, Rainbow Beach.

Registration and dinner is hosted at the Rainbow Beach Hotel along with lunch on race day.

Get your entry in and be sure to part of the experience:


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