Farewell Rod and Sharon

Sharon Parker says goodbye to Little Eddie and Ed’s Beach Bakery!

Sharon Parker says goodbye to Little Eddie and Ed’s Beach Bakery!

By Michelle Gilmore

Ed’s Beach Bakery has changed hands!

Congratulations to Rod and Sharon Parker and to new owners Kathy and Steven!

Sharon was smiling, “We were welcomed to Rainbow Beach 15 years ago to start a new life and business.

“It’s now our time to move on to a new chapter in our lives. We’re moving back to the southside of Brisbane to be closer to our two sons and their wives and being grandparents to our five grandchildren.”

Does this mean retirement?

“Not retiring,” said Sharon. “Rod is back to work for our son driving trucks and excavators. This is what he was doing before we moved up here, and when we were in Covid lockdown, last year.

“But I’m so looking forward to working for wages, not having to worry about ordering stock, paying wages, staff, and all the other responsibilities that come with running/owning a business!”

Is Little Eddie staying?

Sharon Parker says goodbye to Little Eddie and Ed’s Beach Bakery!Yes, he is! One of Sharon’s memorable moments over the years is Little Eddie joining them at a Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic, and posting Little Eddie’s Fishing Adventures nightly.

Rod learnt on the job baking our daily bread, scoring awards for his pies and apprentice bakers! Both Parkers worked ridiculous hours, through the night and early mornings and this coming Easter will be much more relaxed for them than it has been for the last decade-and-a-half!

“I really want the community to know much we appreciate and are grateful for all the support from our loyal customers over that time,” said Sharon. “The new owners will receive the same support the town has given us.”

Rod and Sharon – you always supported the school and brekky club, Nippers and fundraisers! Your treats are part of our family history, as well as our visitors. We’d like to thank you, too!

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