Donations and disappointments

Tony Stewart, Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners: 0408767930

After some welcome summer rains in many areas of Queensland, the country has rapidly dried out over the last month due mainly to frosts. Many dams and water storages are below average levels.

We are starting to get busy with $500 again sent south to the NE Victoria fire area for the purchase of fencing materials; $800 in vouchers to the Childers area, $1000 in vouchers to the Drought Angels to go to the mouse plague area in NSW, and a food donation again to the Gympie homeless.

A big thank-you this month to Christine Davies and Tin Can Bay Baptist Church ($1000), Sally Smith (Vic), Graham (Rainbow Shores), Betty Freeman, Leena and Steve (TCBay), Andrea Janek, and Helen George (Cooloola).

Thank you to anyone that dropped goods at IGA Tin Can Bay, and Drakes Gympie, and to all with collection tins.

The only disappointment being a low-life who stole the tin at Mitchell’s Gympie. (He’s on camera).

Thanks Wayne Kerle for bottle collection and Bay Auto for the sorting area. Thank you everyone who donated bottles and cans.

Thank you also to Bev Yeoman, and Graeme and Sandra from Cooloola.

At present we are packing food hampers for the next trip. We appreciate everything you all do and donate, thank you. (Also on Facebook.)

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