Dolphin report December 2019

Norma Sanderson

There are still a lot of visitors taking advantage of four or five dolphins each day. We haven’t had the best weather conditions for November, but the dolphins don’t seem to mind howling winds or rough water.

Harmony has been still causing havoc with Patch.  Patch, of course, doesn’t like confrontation, therefore steers clear. He sometimes waits near the boat ramp until Harmony returns out into the bay.  This is not good for Patch as he could be hit by a boat near the ramp.

Unfortunately we still get people standing on the boat ramp or pontoon trying to encourage the dolphins closer. These people are self-centred and are only thinking of themselves not about rules or the plight of the dolphins.

I am amazed that people do not read the signs which are in full view about standing on the ramp and pontoon. These notices are placed by the Dept of Harbours and Marine and should be adhered to. Only those people boarding boats should be there.

Don’t forget if you are locals, you can enter the Dolphin Centre for free, just pay for feeding if you wish to do so.

Come on in and bring your visiting  friends and relatives.

See you there.

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