Dolphin News March 2022

Aussie and her brand new calf

Aussie and her brand new calf

Quieter times at the Dolphin Centre now that school has gone back, however we do see quite a few children on the weekend.

It is with regret that I have tended my resignation at the Dolphin Centre as I am moving to Toowoomba. I have a lot of family and friends in Toowoomba so will not be lonely. After being in Tin Can Bay for over 18 years I have made a lot of friends who I will miss but on the bright side, I will be free to come over to Tin Can Bay at any time.

I will miss the dolphins as they have been a big part of my life here in Tin Can Bay. I am sure I will get updates from time to time from our very valuable and knowledgeable  volunteers.

Exciting news on the morning of 15 February – Aussie brought in her new calf!  It must have been born overnight on the 14th (St Valentine’s day).

Both mum and baby are in good health. We all hope that this new calf survives as it is a real stunner and will draw the crowds. Everyone loves a baby.

Remember if you are a local, you do not pay admission to the centre, only paying for feeding if you wish to participate. Please indicate to the gate person that you are local and can produce some form of identification.

Due to Government Covid regulations on tourist venues, only the double vaccinated public can enter the Dolphin Feeding area, however you can enter the cafe and order coffee and takeaway food.

We open at 7am and have viewing of the dolphins until around 7.45am.  Of course this depends on how many dolphins we have and how many visitors are lining up to be admitted. On really busy days we start feeding around 7.30am.

See you there.

Norma Sanderson

Retiring Dolphin Volunteer Coordinator

Wishing you all the best for your new chapter Norma! Thank you for your wonderful reports, you will be missed. From Rainbow Beach Community News

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