Easter Holidays are here!

Locals Favourites Revealed

In a survey conducted last week, thirteen resort, caravan park or motel owners gave us their personal favourites of things to do on our beautiful coast, just in time for the Easter holidays:

Hit the Beach

From a run on the beach to chilling out the beach was the most favourite vote.  Annette Cochrane from Rainbow Beach Holiday Village says Rainbow’s shore has lots on offer. “You can stroll on our beach for miles, drive, surf or swim in the calm water of Inskip Point. There are so many things to do with kids!” You can also experience the beach on horseback, since Rainbow Beach Horserides started tours this month.

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The Beach was voted number one – Elijah Hapi and Kiara Craig would agree

Sandblow Sunsets

Andrew Hawkins from Rainbow Beach Realty takes all his family and friends to Carlo Sandblow for Pacific sunrises and Tin Can Bay Sunsets. Mark from Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort agrees, “The Sandblow is one of the most amazing things on the East Coast. It is so close to town and it is free.” It is difficult to describe its magnificence, and no wonder it ranked next in the list.


Three operator’s favourite thing to do is the fishing, especially around the inlet and Tin Can Bay. Mackerel fishing, the creeks, crabbing and a secret spot 40 miles offshore were all mentioned.

Frequent the Restaurants and Cafés

Dinner or coffee out was favoured by two accommodation providers. Rainbow Getaway’s Judy Gilmore shares her favourite thing to do when she gets a chance: “Go to the Coloured Sands Café and have a coffee”.

Walk to Poona Lake

Described as a lovely walk, you can take the rainforest trail and swim in it’s fresh waters. From Dandathu track, climb a rain forested high dune before descending through carrol (grey myrtle) scrub to the white sandy beach and tea-coloured waters of this perched lake. Allow 40 minutes each way, be ready to spot goannas and yabbies.


“That’s why I live here,” says Xavier Miloud from the Sands Motel. Rainbow Beach is well known overseas as a paragliding destination.

Waterski in Pelican Bay

This is where Annette Cochrane from Rainbow Beach Holiday Village takes her family. These sheltered waters are a playground for all ages. For fun on the sandflats, boating, picnics or a kayaking it is the place to go.

Sunset on the Mini-Blow

The Mini-Blow is a favourite of Rainbow Sea manager, Fiona Worthington. She and her family walk over to the top, enjoy the views then walk back along the beach and back up at the Surf Club steps. When it is really busy with lots of cars they say it is a good place to stop and watch the antics of 4WD’s crossing exposed rocks.

Lawn Bowls and Golf

The Professional’s Noel Kay’s preferred pastime is a spot of lawn bowls or golf at the Country Club. Rainbow Beach also has both sports on offer.

Double Island Point

“The kids get excited about swimming at Double Island Point,” Andy White from Cooloola Coast Realty confides. They are not the only one. Surfers love this place – it has one of the longest breaks. Plus the drive up nature’s highway, past the Coloured Sand Cliffs is another treasure to enjoy. You can walk to the Lighthouse, or just explore the rockpools and headland. Be sure to check the conditions report and tides before you set out – or travel up with the Surf and Sand Safari Tour or on a Surf lesson.

Kayak in the Sandy Straits

Valerie Todd from Seychelle Holiday Units has listed kayaking around Tin Can Bay as her favourite thing. If you don’t have your own, you can hire kayaks from Carlo Point Boat hire or fishing kayaks from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire. Be prepared to spot lots of wildlife and enjoy a paddle alongside the mangroves, and other natives.

From extreme to serene, there are plenty of ways to have fun on the Cooloola Coast with activities that appeal across generations. Text us your favourite Cooloola Coast Must Do on 0407660198.

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Hamish Lindenberg, Jake, Tia and Luke Lattanzi play in the new channels on the beach

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