Do you know the “beasties” in your garden?

Cooloola Coastcare revised plants bookletWhen you go for a stroll along the Wildflower Walk, you may ask yourself ‘Why don’t I know the name of that plant?’

Now you can be well-informed with this new edition – Cooloola Coastcare has produced a revised booklet on plants that are friendly and unfriendly in your garden, great news for gardeners and bird lovers alike.

As Coastcare’s Maree Prior shares, “It’s time to encourage the use of native plants in our gardens which are attractive to birds, provide them with natural food sources and are more drought resistant. Also, planting dense bush is excellent for the smaller birds to hide in.

“We are surrounded by National Park and native forest, which needs to be protected, especially from foreign plants from our gardens, which germinate easily and become bushland pests.”

The booklet is available from Coastcare, Cityfarm, the QPWS office in Rainbow Beach and several clubs like the Tin Can Bay Fishing Club, Cooloola Cove Residents and Friends and the Gardening Club.

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