Double Island Point lagoon area – What do you want?

Purchase your Cooloola Wildflowers and Walks booklet from any of the local retailers listed

Purchase your Cooloola Wildflowers and Walks booklet from any of the local retailers listed

Smooth waters sheltered from the south-easterly wind, where yachts anchor and children play in the shallow water. Kayakers dip their paddles, looking out for the dolphins feeding and the young turtles cavorting.


Jet skis and powerful Thundercats launch from the beach, up to 30 a day, roaring through the bay, rocking boats and scaring wildlife away. Some turtles are not so lucky, with carcasses showing evidence of boat strikes.

This is a Marine Park. A Go Slow Area (stay off a plane) applies around the Point. Maritime Safety Queensland law stipulates a speed limit of 6 knots within 30m of anchored boats and 60m from people in the water.

“When navigating near, in or through a mooring area, drive slowly and keep wash to a minimum.”

But where are the signs? Who is enforcing safety in this popular area? Hervey Bay Water Police were contacted, but made just a brief uniformed visit.

What can we do?

  • Take photos of “incidents”, with GPS enabled on the phone/camera. Vessel rego numbers are helpful.
  • Ask for Marine Park signage on the beach, giving rules and contact information.
  • Ask for more frequent patrolling.
  • Ask for a total ban of jet skis in this area to protect wildlife and people.
  • Report to: Sgt Paul Bacon, Hervey Bay Water Police:; 4125 3900 or PoliceLink 131 444
  • Contact Marine Parks QLD as they review speed limits in the Double Island Point area:

Cooloola Wildflowers and Walks booklets have been very popular guides to our local plants since we published it in August.  They are available for $5 at the following supportive sites:

  • Tin Can Bay Post Office
  • Tin Can Bay Newsagent
  • Rainbow Beach Post Office
  • Rainbow Beach Community Centre
  • Rainbow Beach QPWS
  • City Farm
  • Gympie Landcare
  • MRCCC, Gympie
  • Gympie Gallery

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