Aussie Bear starts his adventures in Rainbow Beach

Introducing Aussie Bear - you can see why he is called Aussie - read all about his adventures

Introducing Aussie Bear – you can see why he is called Aussie – read all about his adventures

To my grandchildren, I am Nana Bear. So, this year I am taking one of my many bears on our trips away.  This bear is going to write home to the grandchildren about his adventures in lots of places. Do you want to come along for the ‘ride’ with our grandchildren?

Aussie Bear’s (Aussie, for short) first adventure was to Seary’s Creek, just 8kms out of town. My granddaughter loves to play in the cool, refreshing waters with her dad. But Aussie doesn’t like getting wet, so he just found a good place to rest.

In the meantime, let’s get down to some serious business…

TV reception around Australia

This is the first of a series of articles about TV reception around Australia so you can get the TV reception you want for the best price.

Which one do you choose? Saturn Antenna or satellite system? That really depends on where you spend most of your time when you set up your camp – mostly in towns and caravan parks? Or mostly in the bush? The Saturn Antenna is best suited for the town/caravan park holiday; whereas, the satellite system gives great TV reception anywhere so suits the camper who loves to stay a long way from town.

Saturn Antenna was designed in 1998 to make it easy for the traveller. All the components that are needed for TV reception around Australia are contained inside the shell of the Saturn Omni 3000.

A lot of the country transmitters send the TV reception in a vertical pattern so the traveller needs a vertical aerial to pick up the best reception. The rest of the transmitters need a horizontal aerial.

Inside the shell of the Saturn 3000 are two aerials – one horizontal and one vertical. ADVANTAGE – no need to change the way the antenna sits on the pole.

Added to the challenge of horizontal and vertical types of transmissions is the necessity to have a booster (amplifier) to help overcome the problems to TV reception – hills, trees, buildings and distance.

The Saturn Antenna has the best booster for country reception built into the shell. Many antennas have a booster built into their antenna but none have the correct booster for Australian reception.

The Australian government changed the frequencies on which TV reception is transmitted. The higher frequencies that used to be used for TV reception were sold off to the telephone companies.

The Saturn Antenna boosts only these new frequencies, while the other antennas boost the TV frequencies as well as the phone frequencies, which results in pixelation or loss of signal when close to a phone tower. ADVANTAGE – correct booster built in for the modern TV reception – no booster to add.

The last thing we have to discuss is the fact that the Saturn Antenna is made in Australia. ADVANTAGE – you have professional, friendly, Australian advice on the end of the phone if you need to talk to someone about your problems with reception. Our well-trained staff, and Peter and I, are proud of our track record of customer service.

Over the 17 years we have been making the Saturn Antenna, our business has evolved from making six antennas a week in 1998 to making 40 a week in 2015. In the beginning, we sold the Saturn Antenna only. Now we sell satellite systems and televisions as well.

This year, we are adding 2-way radios to the range. Why don’t you join the world of Saturn Antennas? Call today on 1800 443 471 or email

Safe travelling,

Peter and Margaret Grant

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