Cooloola Dragons return to the water

Cleaning the brightly coloured boats after being out on the water

Cleaning the brightly coloured boats after being out on the water

Happy 2022. It’s time for the Dragons to get back on the water after Christmas celebrations which the club celebrated in Kin Kin and a great time was had by all.

Paddling has begun again in earnest and on our first return we had two boats out on the water.  It seems like everyone is keen to make amends for the Christmas indulgences.

Our training sessions are held each Sunday at 7.30 am and Thursdays at 3.30pm. Besides getting fit and retaining that fitness we train for upcoming regattas throughout the year.

A normal training session includes warm up exercises then preparing the boat to go out on the water. Followed by paddling for about an hour which generally sees us complete about a total of 6km training incorporating various paddling techniques, race starts, and endurance training.

A full boat may have up to 21 persons on board with the two most important people the Sweep who keeps an eye out for the tides, winds, obstacles etc and the Coach who takes us through our paces.

Once back on land we clean the paddles and the boats and return them to their original spot awaiting the next training day.

There is always plenty of opportunity to come along and experience the dragon boat feeling. If you turn up on either a Sunday or Tuesday we will take you out and give you a trial run. Anybody is most welcome to join us.

For further information please contact our Coach Sandra Wooster on 0402352756.

Lizz Donovan

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