End of season breakup for Nippers

by Nerissa Legge

As this is my first year in the position of Junior Activities Co-ordinator, I would like to say a massive thank you to Vicki Schooth, for your advice and support over the season.

Well, we’ve all survived yet another exciting season filled with fun games, activities, beach and surf safety awareness, new skills and fitness. Even a cyclone.

This season we’ve had just under 90 Nippers registered with our Club, and I’m sure that each one of them has benefited from the program through better safety awareness, surf skills, rescue techniques, first aid/CPR and much more.

This season would not have been the success it was without a lot of support; so I sincerely thank the following people: Ron Organ, Helen Brown, Liz Kilgower, Mark Lawler, Tracey and Brad Hethorn, Naomi Cole, My Husband Carey Legge, Justin Schooth, Don Reid and all parents who have helped out or contributed throughout the season.

We’d like to thank the award sponsors and supporters: Gympie Printing, Thirsty Camel and Cooloola Coast Realty, QCivil, Steely’s Windscreen Ambulance, Gympie Vet Services, Sportspower Gympie, Rainbow Sea Resort, Ashmore Palms Holiday Village and Deans Ice Works.

Without the Age Managers and Assistants, there would simply be no nippers program. They are the ones who have volunteered to take responsibility for coaching an age group, educating the kids on Surf and Beach Safety; Water and Board skills. They’ve kept the children safe and entertained for two hours solid each Sunday, rain, hail or shine….

Without the Water Safety Team we can’t even get in the water. Thanks for keeping us all safe this season, and for your assistance with training.  I’d also like to acknowledge those  who completed their Bronze Medallion course during the season, and have been able to assist with Water Safety.

We have two kids who deserve recognition for attending every single training session throughout the season! Congratulations to Amassa McPherson and Archie Gilmore.

This year each age group has been working towards getting their respective Surf Life Saving Certificates, designed to improve surf skills, safety and awareness.

A very important part of our season is the age championships which are held over three separate days. Our nippers get the chance to show their skills and compete against their peers for points. These points are added up to see who is the overall age champion for the season (listed below).

This season we award a new trophy for Most Outstanding Nipper, sponsored by Tony Perrett, for skill, attendance, attitude, enthusiasm, motivation, behavior and club representation at competitions to Sophie Schooth.

Congratulations to all the Nippers, especially those who achieved their SRC! Thanks everyone, for a fun-filled nippers season, and hopefully we’ll see you back on the beach again next season, to do it all again.

 U6 Zoe Kingsley Scarlett Duggan Sienna Arthur
 U7  – Brooke Dennis Connor Smith
 U8 Emily Schooth, Leilani Dennis Indiana Wintle Alex Kingsley,Sophie Manique
 U9 Nathan Kingsley Ingrid Bahr James Duggan, Jasmin White
 U10 Lily Wintle Emma Worthington William Dawkins, Matilda Duggan
 U11  –  – Charlie Kingsley, Matilda Duggan
 U12 Sarah Speirs Jasmine Wintle Hugh Gilmore, Jorja Duggan
 U13 Izaak Cole Grace Hall Bailey Craig, Grace Hall
 U14 Lillian Klein Greer Bahr Brayden McGrath, Jasmin Betteridge


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