Cooloola City Farm – Native Birds

Photograph: A Varied Triller in Coastal Tea-tree

Photograph: A Varied Triller in Coastal Tea-tree

City Farm, opposite the Community Centre, on Tin Can Bay Road, is open to the public for plant sales on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am-3pm, 07 54862304,,

Watching birds taking nectar from your flowers, plucking seed from a native grass or having a dip in the bird bath is a joy. If you have native plants in your garden, you will attract birds. To maximise the number and variety of birds, though, some guidelines are helpful.

Planting shrubs of different heights and density allows different species to find safe habitat. Noisy, boisterous birds like lorikeets can remain up high, wattle birds happily exist in the middle layer and tiny fairy-wrens – should you be lucky enough to have them visit – will be secure in lower, dense shrubs.

Many native plants provide shelter, food in the form of nectar, seeds and insects, and nesting materials, such a twigs and spiders’ webs. Choose plants that fruit and flower through the year, so there is no lean time. Small birds are less safe out in the open, so creating corridors will increase the  likelihood of attracting small birds to your yard.

Birds need to drink and love to bathe, so consider providing baths around the garden. Vary the size and depth and the birds can choose their favourite. For the sake of the birds’ health, keep the baths clean and the water fresh.

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