Clean up Australia Day

26 people joined the Cooloola Cove Residents & Friends Inc. and gave their time and energy on a very hot day to picking up litter and clearing our roadsidesClean up Australia Day was a huge success. This year Cooloola Cove Residents & Friends Inc. worked from the Rainbow Beach Road/Queen Elizabeth Drive down Investigator Avenue. Others paid attention to Billabong Park, Bayside Road, Cooloola Sands and Nautilus Drive, where many people walk and throw down cans, food wrappers, sweets etc.

One of our members walks regularly along Bayside Road towards the Tin Can Bay Road and picks up litter because he doesn’t like the entry to Cooloola Cove to look scruffy.  All residents are indebted to him.

The Rangers joined us and we had a splendid BBQ after the hard work. In past years the average age of the participants has been in the 70s,  but this year the average age was 57.  We are grateful for the help of younger members of the community.

Cooloola Cove Residents & Friends Inc. meet on every second Thursday in each month, 7pm in the Vets & Community Hall, Cooloola Cove. Current issues include local projects like Investigator Avenue bridge,  Gympie Road widening, street lighting in Discovery Drive, metal barrier on the footpath of Nautilus Drive beside the creek, recent consultation about work to be done in the two parks etc. and preparing for disasters.

Their next meeting is April 9 – all are welcome.

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