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city farm may 16 Hakea plurinerva#2Genus Hakea, a large group of small-to-medium woody shrubs or small trees, many of which occur in south west Western Australia. The attractive flowers may be conspicuous (Hakea laurina) or could require a second glance to appreciate their delicate beauty (Hakea actites).

Woody seed pods that follow flowering and persist on the plant are quite distinctive. Foliage may be fan-like and decorative, or finely pointed. Hakeas occur across a wide climatic range, prefer full sun, but can tolerate some shade and mostly require a well-drained soil.

Flowering times vary, though winter-to-spring is common. Hakeas can be seen in the coastal heath as you drive between our towns:

Hakea actites (Wallum hakea) – a shrub to three metres that likes wet heath areas, has spiky  leaves and spidery white flowers in clusters.

Hakea florulenta – a shrub to three metres in sandy soil, with white, perfumed flowers in clusters in spring.

Hakea plurinervia, our plant of the month, grows to three metres in sandy or rocky soil and has many white flower heads in clusters (image by Mary Boyce).
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