Over 60s is looking for a new name

over 60 1 jun 15One of the highlights of our gatherings last year was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, organised by Colleen Yallowley and Keith and Sandra Sykes. This year the same team treated us again, this time with a fabulous Chinese themed lunch.

The venue was Colleen’s home, the décor resplendent with red and gold in true Chinese tradition.  Many of the decorative items were memorabilia from Keith and Sandra’s travels. Not least of all was a stand-alone gong, used by Keith to bring us all to order.

Colleen cooked a  really delicious meal which included the traditional dim sims, spring rolls, a great soup and an assortment of meat and vegetables.

The guests, who dressed for the occasion and added to the spirit of the event, included a courtesan, noble ladies, rice paddy farmers, and even a member of the Triads. Thanks Sandra, Keith and Colleen for such a great time.

We’re looking for a new name for our group. If you have any good ideas please let us know.

Our next outing will be morning tea at Miva’s 100-year-old bridge, followed by lunch at Silky Oaks, date to be finalised.

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