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People arrived from all over the coast and Gympie to hear Steve sing

People arrived from all over the coast and Gympie to hear Steve sing

SU Schoolies end-of-year events

SU-Schoolies events provide school leavers with an amazing and memorable experience which is a fun, safe and thoroughly enjoyable way to celebrate finishing school.

All events are 100% drug and alcohol free. These events are run by SU QLD staff and volunteers who are trained in caring for participants and managing activities and events. All staff and volunteers hold Blue Cards.

If you know of any families with students finishing Grade 12 this year who would like an alternative to the Gold Coast Schoolies, please let them know about this alternative.

SU-Schoolies is the ultimate start to life after school. With five of the most epic locations to choose from, students can pick a Schoolies event that will be totally unforgettable. The Whitsundays, Sunny Coast, Fraser Island, Melbourne or Samoa – each location is packed full of thrill, adventure and plenty of time for total relaxation.

For more information, please check out the SU-Schoolies website: or call the information hotline: 1300 478 753

Rainbow Beach Christian Community Concert

Those who attended the free concert organised by the Rainbow Beach Christian Community in October were treated to a wonderful afternoon of music by Steve and Ainslie Apirana and supporting group ‘Sister Act.’

Steve and Ainslie are both incredibly talented musicians and performed a wide variety of songs, many of which they wrote themselves.

Local group ‘Sister Act’ made up of sisters Anneke, Michaela and Shannon Harries and Chloe Bell delighted the audience with their beautiful melodies.

Thanks to Rev Dave Thomas of the Gympie Uniting Church who made sure the afternoon ran smoothly and to everyone who came along and made the afternoon a success.

Cats not allowed?
It wasn’t us, but was it one of the attending dogs who barked the word around? In any event, we had nine dogs, (but not one single feline), who brought their masters along for the recent St Francis’ Day Blessing of Animals, they ranged from Fr Kev’s little Chihuahuas, (who should have gone to confession first) to much, much bigger ones — they mostly behaved themselves remarkably well. The photo shows them all lined up and ready.

Great Hoi morning
For our inaugural Hoi morning, our Good Shepherd ‘crew’ welcomed two tables of visitors, who soon got into the swing of it.

With lots of calls and prizes, the adults and the kids — it was school holidays — thoroughly enjoyed the morning, including those who had never played before. We raised $66 for the Schools’ Chaplaincy breakfast program as well.

Our next Hoi is on Thursday, December 3 at 9.30am. The $5 entry is less than the cost of the prizes being won, and we throw in a great morning tea too – how good is that!

The photo shows their smiling faces during a short break, and one little boy who was on a real lucky streak.

Fun Club

Fun Club is on again from 7-9pm at the Tin Can Bay Community Centre. Fun Club is run by the TCB Community Church where primary-aged children can enjoy games, fun, friendship, prizes, a short devotion and supper.

Cost is $3 or $6 per family. For further information, please contact Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867

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