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Music Plus bush band joined by Mandolin Magic Orchestra in 2016

Music Plus bush band joined by Mandolin Magic Orchestra in 2016

I decided to remind us all of some of the musical and entertaining people, who have performed for us since 2004.

David, who arrived on his catamaran sang opera, enjoying the experience of bringing a style of music we would rarely be privileged to hear, and singing in its own language, then in English.

Frank, on his boat and a visitor from Brisbane, who writes his own songs which are often satirical and interestingly funny, like What’s My Name?

The two local singers, Maurice with his tenor voice and Betty with her soprano voice. Both very accomplished and giving creditable performances from operettas and musicals.

Tom, who sang some beautiful, lesser known Irish melodies. Pat, who wrote and performed in sketches with any number of members of the Cooloola Bowls Club.

The Irish night with the O’Wrinklies, a group of musos who played a variety of instruments like the keyboard, harmonica, double bass, treble recorder, lagerphone, tambourine, etc., and dressed up for the part.

This also was quite an event on Scottish Night, when they called themselves the MacWrinklies!

This was the night we brought the bagpipes out with Beryl in the forefront. We have had Jess belly dancing and bringing all her teddy bears for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic! John and Kaye acted in some very amusing sketches like There’s a Hole in my Bucket! Georgia and Tracey played guitars and sang their favourite pop music.

One of my special interests is the encouragement of young musicians and we were fortunate to have Joanna, a very fine piano teacher living in Cooloola Cove, whose pupils were encouraged to perform to our very appreciative audience.

Emma and Emily both played the piano and to hear the improvement as they grew from 14/15 to 18-year-olds was a joy. Emily also sang for us, with a very full tone and mature voice. Both from local families and went on to university.

Rob sang Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen; it was lovely to see and hear a young man with a very lovely voice. Our audiences were never under 50 people and often over 60. When the Mandolin Orchestra visited for Sue Flower’s Mandolin Magic Concerts in Gympie, they always played in the week before and we had the best of it. On those nights we had more than 80 people in our audience.

Music has become well established in this area now due to dedicated musical teachers and performers. We still hope to offer a programme in May but it will only be possible with government approval; so we wait and hope.

Watch this space for future entertainment and come along to an evening of pure enjoyment.

Pam Graham

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