Camp Time for Rainbow School Kids

Camp Time for Rainbow School KidsThe sun shone, so 26 students and 6 adults packed overnight bags in a trailer, lathered on sunscreen, and set off on a 13km trek from the Carlo Sand Blow, along the old telegraph pole track, to Double Island Point.

Stopping only twice for snacks and rejuvenation, we found ourselves at Leisha Track after only 3 hourrs and 10 mins of walking through the national parks, where we enjoyed the shade and idle chit chat. Everyone did a fantastic job of looking after each other and motivating those who felt weary along the way.

After a well-deserved cool off in the lagoon, we were chauffeured to Freshwater campground where our tents, bags, and food were waiting for us – thanks Mr White. We set up our tents and those who still had energy played a little cricket – who would have known Ms Sam was such a cricket extraordinaire!

With energy to burn we headed off to Teewah beach for a play in one of the water washouts. Dams were created, the dunes were explored and some tested their agility with a few rounds of flags.

Time for a rinse off and some warm clothes whilst our two wonderful chefs – BJ and Leanne, had prepared a BBQ feast of steak burgers and snags. With the sun going down, the mozzies came out, so it wasn’t long before the inside of the tents were calling.

It was a chilly night, but we woke at 5am ready to pack our tents, eat yummy breakfast wraps, and sort out all the unclaimed clothing items – several students having to make the walk of shame to collect towels, togs, and underwear.

The team from Epic Ocean Adventures arrived promptly at 7am to take us out for surfing lessons and kayaking tours. Again, some students were pushed out of their comfort zones, only to find out that the doubts they had were conquered and a little fun was had.

The journey back through Freshwater track to school was another adventure for some students who had not experienced the national park track before.

This camp is awesome for our students as they have experiences they may not have previously had and appreciate the amazing area we are privileged to call home.

For this camp to run, we do call on people to help with the logistical challenges and we thank all of you for your time. Special mentions to BJ and Leanne, Beaver and Ben, Mr Bennett, and Mr White. Your efforts and expertise were appreciated.

I think a few staff will need the next two years to rest, recover, and recuperate before we tackle the adventure again!

Ms Tina McColl

Year 3/4 teacher

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