Brett and Sharon Will Keep You Protected!

CeramiX Protection owners Brett and SharonTin Can Bay residents Brett and Sharon Shaw are keen to help you keep your car, boat, and even your home protected from the elements and to make keeping them shiny a walk in the park.

Servicing the Cooloola Coast, Wide Bay, and Sunshine Coast areas, their small business CeramiX Protection is ‘the future of surface protection.’

CeramiX had its beginnings in the late 1980s in a small country town called Noosa – the business was then called Noosa Glass Tinting Co. So although it has been running for quite some time, it  had a name change in August 2022 to coincide with their move to this area.

‘We have always loved living in regional coastal areas so we decided to relocate to Tin Can Bay early 2022, where we bought our home that overlooks the bay,’ said Sharon.

‘We chose to live and run a business in Tin Can Bay because it is a sleepy little fishing village with a good community spirit. The neighbours have been wonderful and have helped us to appreciate that Tin Can Bay is a tight knit community where everyone is kind, helpful, and good with crabbing tips and fishing locations.

‘We enjoy fishing regularly in the bay and Brett can be seen some days zipping around on his jet ski to catch some breaks in the bar and Double Island. The idyllic lifestyle of Tin Can Bay gives us the feeling that we are living on a permanent holiday.’

Brett has 34 years experience with tint applications for car and residential purposes. CeramiX with Brett’s ingenuity and experience has developed an ultimate car boat protection coating.  When this coating is applied to a clean car or boat surface it will give a supreme gloss that helps to protect the wear and tear of surfaces and makes cleaning a breeze.

Some services that the team at CeramiX offer:


High performance Liquid Surface Coating: Auto, heavy industry, boats, jet skis, solar panels, pool fencing – the list is endless, any substrate can be coated and protected.

CeramiX Window Film Tint

High Performance Film Tint Coatings: Homes, auto, heavy industry, boats and more.

Paint Correction

If your vehicle requires paint correction of the highest standard the team at CeramiX has the expertise to have your paint returned to its former glory prior to having the CeramiX applied. Contact for details.

For the highest quality ceramic window films and ceramic coatings, contact the team for a free measure and quote: or 0448 973 475.

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