What to pack when you go caravanning and camping these holidays

On behalf of the Saturn team, Peter Grant wishes you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year

On behalf of the Saturn team, Peter Grant wishes you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year

By Margaret and Peter Grant, Saturn Antennas

Jingle bells, jingle bells… I love this time of the year with all the excitement and festivities, the family and fun, the beach and the Christmas pudding.

What family traditions do you have for this time of the year? The one that I love the most (after the Christmas pudding) is the tradition that our girls continue, even now into their 30s, of putting their Santa stocking just outside their door – and Santa continues to fill it each year.

In amongst the excitement and joy, we still reserve a piece of our heart for those less fortunate and to those who will struggle through Christmas because of a loved one now gone. To you, the staff at Saturn Antennas send our love and prayers.

And Christmas usually brings time off and “Let’s go camping/caravanning”. Before you head off, it’s best if you do a check of all the gear you will need.

Here is the list that we publish each year pertaining to your TV reception. Some of them may be relevant to you and some of them may not. But it is good to run through the list and check those that relate to you.

  1. Where is the TV + remote + power cable? Does the remote need new batteries?
  2. Where is your antenna + the cables?
  3. If your antenna has a booster, where is the power supply?
  4. Plug in all the equipment and see if they are all working properly. Repair/replace those that need attention.
  5. Check all the ends of the antenna cables to make sure they are clean and free of corrosion (picture).

For those with satellite gear, here is a separate list.

  1. Tick off all these components to make sure everything is packed – dish, tripod, cable, compass, instructions, satellite finder, satellite receiver + TV. (Picture).
  2. Set up your dish in the back yard to make sure your registration is current. Remember the “Re-hit” button if your registration is current but you can’t get the channels.
  3. Remember that we are ready to help if you need it. Just call Peter on 0418 741 409. We are taking a break between December 20, 2016 and January 9, 2017.

If you need any parts, call us on 07 5486 3471 or email us at sales@saturnantennas.com.au

You are now ready to pack your TV gear into your camper/caravan.

Merry Christmas!

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