Goodbye from Saturn Antennas

Saturn Antennas- Peter and Margaret GrantGood-bye, farewell, sayonara, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, joigin, see ya mate.

The time has come for us to hang up the boots. For 21 years, we have been manufacturing the Saturn Antenna here in Rainbow Beach. As of September 30, we are retiring.

There is probably not one town or camping spot around Australia that this iconic antenna has not visited. We take great pride to say that this Australian Made antenna is made right here in our beautiful town.

We started from very humble beginnings down in the industrial area. Have a laugh with us as we take you on our journey of growth and change.

This is the first year in 21 years that we have not attended Caravan Camping shows around the country. We have had so much fun sharing our travels with you all via this great local paper.

We have attended shows from Darwin to Cairns to Hobart to Perth and all points in between. In that time, we have seen much of this amazing country. But what was more special was the people we have met and the friends we have made.

Thank you, our readers, customers, friends and acquaintances for your support. We will still be living here – where else would we find such a beautiful environment with great people – so make sure you say HI next time you see us down the street.

Cheers, Peter and Margaret Grant