Bomb dive into 2021

Local squad members, Keira and Maia, cool down at the pool

Local squad members, Keira and Maia, cool down at the pool

By Bobbie-Jo Parton, Aquatic Centre Manager

Support your local Aquatic Centre. (Remember, you are only allowed to bomb dive when a lifeguard is on deck.)

I can never express enough the power water has on families and individuals for rehabilitation, mental health, functional mobility and safety around and in the water.

The change in patrons from having mobility issues to feeling less pain, some even fully functional again, they have definitely pulled a few heart strings at the Aquatic Centre.

The Aquatic Centre had a visit from the Hervey Bay Swimming Club over the holidays. What a great group of swimmers. They trained very hard, and I was informed by the swimmers they call it hell week!

If you want to know how to get moving or when, come on in!

Swimming club starts second week back at school, Thursdays 5pm, all welcome! Book now for Term One swimming, four- and eight-week blocks available. There will be no casual lessons available, so you must book in for blocks or private.They are the most affordable lessons on the coast!

Don’t forget we have Aqua Aerobics Monday to Friday 9am, with an extra class on Wednesdays at 7am. Thanks to all our patrons for supporting us!

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