Congratulations Nippers!

Congratulations Age Champs and Emma Worthington, Nipper of the Year!

Congratulations Age Champs and Emma Worthington, Nipper of the Year!

Helen Brown JAC Co-ordinator

Thanks everyone, for a fun filled nippers season, despite the weather! It would not have been the success it was without a lot of support, so I sincerely thank everyone involved. Our sponsors: Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments, Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News, Rainbow Sea Resort, Tony Perrett, Sportspower Gympie, Cooloola Coast Realty, Water Safety Team, Michelle Gilmore, Age Managers and Assistants, Vicky and Justin Schooth, Ron Organ, Kelly Smith, Brooke Bignell, Fiona Worthington, Shane Handy and committee.

The parents have been great this year, thanks to all who have helped out or contributed. I feel that there are some good signs showing for future years. We need to increase our numbers so ask your friends if they would like to join you on a Sunday morning. Have fun in the off season.

Age Champions:

Under 8: Luke Richardson and Emilie Dwine

Under 9: Harrison Wheeler

Under 10: Bailey Sanderson and Sienna Arthur

Under 11: Oliver Pratt

Under 12: Jake Rooks and Emily Schooth

Under 13: Adam Campbell and Jasmin White

Under 14: Archie Gilmore, Emma Worthington and Annalise White

Most Consistent:

Under 6: Logan Sanderson

Under 7: Joseph Wheeler

Outstanding Nipper of the Year:

Emma Worthington

Encouragement Award:

Under 6: Sophie Kenman

Under 7: Jakob Rehbein

Under 8: Riley Wheeler

Under 9 Zander Mallie

Under 10: Hannah Cruickshank

Under 11: Rubi Warner

Under 12: Keira Arthur

Under 13: Luxie Leigh Duffy

Under 14: William Dawkings

Most Improved:

Under 6: Amy Richardson

Under 7: Roy Ferreira

Under 8: Kai Riehl-Posadowski

Under 9: Brandi Kenman

Under 10: Taylah Rooks

Under 11: Lucas Rehbein

Under 13: Charlotte Klein

Under 14: Liam Pratt

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