A new business and move for Rebecca

pillow cleaner jun 15 005After living in Rainbow Beach for over ten years, Rebecca Gilmore is starting her own business, one that will be of great interest to many resorts, holiday homes and motels on the Cooloola Coast.

It is a pillow cleaning service!

Rebecca has been based at Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments, refurbishing the units to their modern look, managing cleaning services and working in styling and storage out of town.

“We used to have The Pillow Cleaner come to Rainbow Getaway, they would collect the pillows and then drop them back plump and clean a few days later.

“Then I heard the business was on the market… We really valued the service when it visited Rainbow Beach, and liked that it was environmentally friendly.”

Ten years is the longest Rebecca has stayed in one spot! Nannying in England and Italy, with a background in design, she now understands the needs of hospitality providers.

“I was ready for a change and knew pillow cleaning was not offered on the Cooloola or Sunshine Coast. With my experience in the accommodation industry, it really made sense.”

Rebecca says that pillows should be viewed as a maintenance item not a capital replacement cost and are no different from other items you have cleaned – sheets and towels regularly – blankets, bedspreads and pillows not so regularly!

The Pillow Cleaner has provided a unique service to hotels, residential colleges, nursing homes and the public for over 25 years. Recycling pillows is very popular with homeowners too.

All pillows flatten with use, reducing support and comfort. Covers become stained and discoloured.

Rebecca has invested in the latest technology to remove the old stained cover, treat the filling to kill bacteria and dust mites, deodorise and fluff up, add extra filling as required and place back into a new cover – the pillow is returned to you “as-new”.

They also renovate feather and down doonas in various sizes.

After training in use of the germicidal ultraviolet, ozone-emitting light and deodorisation process in Sydney, Rebecca has already launched the service in Rainbow Beach.

The non-chemical approach to disinfection is highly lethal to virus, bacteria and mould spores. Germicidal ultraviolet deactivates the DNA of these pathogens destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease.

The Pillow Cleaner operates all over Australia, and all materials and products are manufactured to commercial grade standards.

“Business owners like it too,” says Rebecca, “as it is more cost efficient than replacing pillows. Why buy expensive new pillows,  when we can clean and renovate your pillows for a fraction of the price?”

Rebecca also works with you to minimise disruption to your business, “I’m building up a supply of exchange pillows, so resort managers and hotel owners don’t have to wait for the pillows to be returned.”

Rebecca will be based on the Sunshine Coast, but still visiting the Cooloola Coast and Hervey Bay regularly. Call 0400 781 789 to save on your pillows and help our environment.

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