Yacht Club Wins Coveted Olive Dish!

TCBYC ‘Olive Dish Trophy’ presentationThe Tin Can Bay Yacht Club held its annual interclub ‘Olive Dish Trophy’ challenge on 5 March at the yacht club.

The trophy started several years ago when a challenge was proposed to have a competition between the yacht club, Dragons, and Sailability and generally involves a dragon race, a dinghy race, kayaks, li-los, thong throwing, boules, a few obstacle course races, finishing with an original/adapted poem or song.

So, we gathered in the sheds on Norman Point, brought out the thongs to throw, the balloons to waddle or run with, one dragon boat to paddle, three BUGS to sail, three kayaks, three li-los and the Safety Boat to place markers at appropriate places out in Snapper Creek

There is often a lot of skulduggery and shenanigans happening with people being ousted from the kayaks and li-los and most people end up getting wet at some point. This year was no different. For example, an unnamed person over 6 foot tall ran through the water carrying his li-lo to get an advantage over those falling out of theirs on their way to the marker.

It was a day of fun and friendship though the competition was tough with each club vying for the coveted trophy. But there can be only one winner and this year it was the Yacht Club though their complete adherence to rules was questionable.

Oh, and by the way, we have had some ‘serious’ sailing on Sunday race days with a well- attended fleet. Although there has been the odd mishap such as lead boats going the wrong way around the last mark resulting in them being last and not first.

Also, a certain skipper tried to turn his vessel into a submarine by forgetting to put the bungs in. Fortunately, the only damage was to the skipper’s ego.

Anyone is welcome to come and try sailing and learn to sail in our beautiful sheltered waters.

Please contact: Russell 0405 063 894 or Kay 0447 631 479.

Kay Muir

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