Wolf Rock Dive report

Bull Ray

Bull Ray

We’ve had some spectacular diving at Wolf Rock for the month of November.

Whilst grey nurse shark numbers are at about 6 – 8 so far, we expect to see more of them very soon.  The strong summer currents are starting to make themselves felt and the bull rays are making the most of it with around a dozen of them being seen on just about every dive.

Eagle rays are also growing in numbers, hovering in the current amongst the bull rays, and giant Queensland gropers are gathering for what we call their annual convention. (Probably a mating aggregation.)

Water temperature has varied between 20 and 23 degrees with quite a few thermoclines around the rock. Strangely we always find the grey nurse sharks in the warmer water pockets which they seem to prefer over the cooler pockets.

The other thing I notice is a distinct “shimmer” which can be seen in the water much the same as you can see on land (mirages) in high heat areas.

As this is our last report prior to Christmas we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to a bigger and better 2017!

Cheryl Maughan

Wolf Rock Dive

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