What’s happening at the Tin Can Bay RSL?

Chris Carroll, Secretary

Congratulations to the new position holders after last month’s AGM:

President – Maureen Costello

Deputy President – Gerry

Secretary – Christine Carroll

Treasurer – Gayle

Committee – Mick Kenny

Robyn Kenny

Fred Northfield

Alan Forde

Terry Steele

We thank the past committee for the work they did during the year.

We would like to remind all members and friends that the new committee will be continuing with the usual monthly events.

Carer’s meeting on first Tuesday of the month, Veterans and Community morning tea on second Tuesday of the month (St Patrick’s Day theme for March), Drop-in Centre all other Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Our BBQ also is continuing on Sundays with live music by local musicians.

Joan is commencing meals on the first Saturday in March, this will be a trial for every Saturday. A lot of people will know Joan from when she previously made meals at the sub-branch and Friday nights at the little Bowling Club.

Last minute, we will be having an Irish Trivia Night for St Patrick’s Day. See more on page 7.

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