Material change of use Rainbow Beach

Residents have until April 17 to lodge an objection to the application for a material change of use for the proposed development at 66 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach.

The application includes a service station, food and drink outlet and offices and is proposed for  LOT: 13 RB: 96921 by applicant Starwand Pty Ltd.

Council has requested a Notice of Intention be made public by developers to advise of the change to the ‘material change of use’ for the development within the notification period, March 25th until April 17.

According to a letter sent to the developers on November 19, there were issues associated with vehicle access and traffic management when entering and exiting the site, and the potential for queuing areas to extend into the cross over and road way during peak/holiday periods.

Starwand was also required to address the Master Drainage Plan provided as part of the application for operational work, and provide detailed hydraulic calculations and design to support the objectives of the Stormwater Management Plan, including any detention and bio-retention systems.

The information is public and available to residents of the Gympie region at :

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