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Xanthe Sheridar, Hannah Bradley and Lily-Rose Bubke love their tuckshopXanthe Sheridar, Hannah Bradley and Lily-Rose Bubke love their tuckshop

Xanthe Sheridar, Hannah Bradley and Lily-Rose Bubke love their tuckshop

The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy as students have been working on assessment and teachers have been marking and preparing Semester 1 reports.

Report cards are out on the first Friday of Term Three and parent teacher interviews are in week three.

Year 6 students attended a Smarter Choices Program at Gympie for a community-based initiative aimed to encourage healthy lifestyles, as these students move to high school.

Our representatives were very polite, respectful and engaged. Well done to all involved!

Secondary Student Leaders Drew Holt, Breanna Truss and Tyson Mills were involved in the Gympie Regional Youth forum, hosted by Tony Perrett MP.

Issues discussed included youth unemployment, tertiary study and sustainable industries. For our students it was an opportunity to raise concerns that face the young people in the Cooloola area in particular.

I am once again very proud of these students, who were outstanding ambassadors for our school.

Last month we learnt that Connor McKay, Jessica Frith and Aaliyah Power’s artwork will be used to decorate the Olympic Village in Rio during the games.

Our very own resident Olympian, Sandy Lewis, spoke with the students and showed her 2000 Sydney Olympic medals for softball as inspiration.

Work has started on two brand new playgrounds in the Prep and Year 1-3 areas and will hopefully be ready for the new term. The wooden playgrounds will be replaced with modern age-appropriate playgrounds which include permanent shade structures.


The Indigenous Family Support group have once again prepared a great day of celebrating aspects of Aboriginal culture 8.30am to 2.30pm on July 14.

There will be a full day of activities for all students including Traditional Dance, Storytelling, Artefacts, Traditional Games, Boomerang throwing, Painting, Didgeridoo and Beading.

Activities will be held at the school grounds at no cost. Bring your food and drinks for the day and a hat; family members are welcome.

Tuckshop menu popular!

P&C member, Jill Ranuve, is delighted with the new tuckshop menu. Already running as a healthy choices tuckshop, they still have loads of “lovely, yummy food”. Feedback is positive and profits are growing.

Jill said, “We changed our days to Wednesday and Thursday, and it has made a big difference. We’re hoping to even add Friday on!”

The pizzas are made to order on wraps and you can choose from meatlovers or any combination of ham, pineapple and/or cheese.

“The beef kebabs,” with shaved lean beef, lettuce, cheese and BBQ sauce, “are so popular with the High Schoolers, we make lots of these during their break.”

Then there are burgers, wraps and sangers – the whiting and avocado burger sounds tempting!

Snacks on offer include muffins, berries-crunch yoghurt, apple slinkies and trail mixes.

“Tuckshop is for the kids; we run it for the kids, and with their support it will continue to grow and be open more days.”

Find out more at the next P&C meeting, scheduled for July 19.

Temporary Tuckshop Convenor wanted for 12 hours/week, Wednesday to Thursday, 7.30am – 2pm, commencing July 20- December 9.  Food Safety Supervisor Qualification and Blue Card required, and applications close 3pm July 11, email: sreev25@eq.edu.au

Keep a watch on our school these holidays

Look out for after-hours crime in our school.  All gates will be locked.  Only people with written authority from the Principal are allowed access.  If you see anything suspicious, please call the School Watch number – 13 17 88. Have a safe and happy holiday, see you all next term.

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