Queensland Sonics using CDBC boats for three days of training at Tin Can Bay

Queensland Sonics using CDBC boats for three days of training at Tin Can Bay

Norma Sanderson

A three-day annual dragon boat training camp for junior paddlers was held at Tin Can Bay.

The ‘Queensland Sonics’ Club was formed some years ago to give young people an opportunity to compete within their own age groups rather than be included into senior teams. Reclassified junior paddlers now are from ages of 12 to 24 years.

The team of 27-plus enthusiastic young paddlers from different parts of Queensland participated and ventured on a most compensative program, which was run by a very qualified Australian coach, Martin Palveka.

The group, along with parents and adult supervisors, enjoyed accommodation at Cathy House, run by the Lions Club.

After arrival the team ventured to the Yacht Club hardstand to set up. The Cooloola Coast Dragon Boat Club was hosting and willing to be involved, supplying two dragon boats for the camp.

Coach Martin covered gruelling paddling sessions on the water, land-based fitness, nutrition advice and building confidence and trust with each other.

On the Sunday night, Martin conducted a coaching workshop for interested paddlers. Unfortunately only Norma Sanderson represented the Cooloola Club and five members from the Hervey Bay Club made the effort.

The workshop was very informative and Martin introduced the “new” way to paddle. This method is being adopted by the juniors and also by the Auora teams.

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