Boardriders remember Lynda

In memory of Lynda Paston

In memory of Lynda Paston

by Elise Hanlon

The summer season was busy, surfing any waves that came our way. Thankfully the seaweed left our shores after Christmas and the sea is once again clean, fresh and clear.

It’s awe-inspiring to watch the next generation of surfers enjoy the great beaches and waves this area has to offer and, depending on the wind, tide times and moon phase, some days just make pure magic happen.

I was lucky enough to travel to Noosa during March to watch the longboard action at ‘The Noosa Festival of Surfing’.  The waves were small but still fun to watch.

Young and old, Australian and international competitors looked relaxed and happy to be enjoying the small, but very clean lines that Noosa had to offer. Luckily, hardly any paddling was required to get ‘out the back’ – always a bonus.

During summer and autumn, we usually see the swell pick up and currents and waves become very strong and heavy, especially once a cyclone forms off the coast or further north.

‘Cyclone Linda’ seemed like a name sent from heaven with true meaning from above. A reminder of the local, lovely, graceful, kind, gentle, French Lynda “Froggy” who very recently joined the angels in Heaven as her fight against cancer ended.

Our hearts and thoughts hold dearly with her young son Thomas who has just turned five. A stage his mother was so thankful and excited to be part of.

To Ivan, Lynda’s partner, no words can ever describe the journey of strength, courage, unwavering love and support you have undertaken. We offer you help, compassion and kindness in this difficult time.

So next time any of you awesome kids, parents and surfers catch the best wave and feel the bliss of surfing, send a little kiss to the sky for all those touched by the magical waves of Rainbow Beach, Double Island and many oceans beyond.

Reminder from BJ, Rainbow Beach Boardriders is in need of fundraising, so if anyone can help out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. It could be as simple as selling a $100 board at the pub or club, or raffling off a meat tray.

We are also planning a get-together and camp-out in May. If you are interested in attending this event, can help fundraise, or you would like to join the Rainbow Beach Boardriders, contact BJ Parton on 0419 929 037

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