Targeting confidence development

YAP & SSAA - Maximus eyes in the target

Maximus eyes in the target

YAP was thrilled to once again assist the SSAA Tin Can Bay Branch with registrations for the youth ‘come and try’ day. The Club hosted a morning of archery and air rifle for local and visiting youth and their families.

Participants channelled their inner cupid and fell in love with archery. As an all-ages activity, the art of shooting with a bow and arrow was enjoyed by everyone who attended including many parents. The only downside to the activity was looking for wayward arrows that didn’t connect with the target!

Those over 11 years old were also able to try air rifle in Range 1. Using standard competition targets and metallic silhouettes, there were many hits and misses. The Blowy Buster is a 20-shot target sheet featuring ‘blow flies’ with points awarded for hits on the various body parts. This brought smiles as shooters went 2D hunting, making a few walks in the process!

“The sports of archery and air rifle are perfect for concentration, discipline and confidence. Hitting the target is a true natural high,’ exclaimed YAP President Jess Milne. “We are very appreciative of the SSAA Club members who volunteer their time to mentor the youth.”

The SSAA Tin Can Bay Branch is keen to hold another youth ‘come and try’ day so if your family is interested, register by emailing or call Jess on 0411 218 254.

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