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RBSF Mama Kin Spender

Mama Kin Spender

2nd & 3rd STUTEMBER 2022 dedicated to STUART FERGIE

Get excited for the Rainbow Beach Spring Fest, two days of great music, great atmosphere and memories, right at your doorstep, with a lineup of artists that will uplift, enrich, and entertain the community.

A wave of great sounds is set to refresh our small community. Music lovers from all around South East Queensland are coming to spend the first weekend of September at the beach to enjoy a variety of loved music genres with performances from Mama Kin Spender, Karl S. Williams, The Lyrical, Champion Sound System, Andy V, Aspy Jones, Briannah Grace, Adam Buchanan, Tilly Wright, and Aido.

Friendship is this year’s theme, not only because we are tributing a friend, Stuart Boga Fergie (Oka Band) but also because these artists know each other, play together, and their long term friendship will reflect on stage. Some of the best collaborations are synonyms of great relationships.

What can we value more than friendship?

In an exclusive for you here are profiles on each artist that will make this year’s Festival more than memorable:

The Rolling Stone Magazine has raved about them, Mama Kin and Dingo Spender (performing as Mama Kin Spender) are long term friends who decided to share with everyone what they do best.

Their music will put you in a good mood, these artists are such grounded, beautiful, and kind people, creating magic with their stories and music. We are so excited to have them here in Rainbow Beach, bringing their journey spreading values, poetry, stories of connection and what it means to be a great human.

The world definitely needs more magical music, now more than ever, to heal itself. At the Byron Bay Blues Fest when attendees were asked who they were most looking forward to seeing, the majority said: Mama Kin Spender.

Karl S. Williams came to Rainbow Beach for the first time whilst touring with the Festival of Small Halls, in November 2020. The Community Hall witnessed a standing ovation followed by a loud request of more songs. Karl is one of the deepest oldest souls that you will see performing on stage. So if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favour and come to check him out.

The Lyrical: a return from last year. If you want to feel a little ‘woke’ through music, don’t miss their set. These guys’ joyful and playful performance will be rich with acoustic roots and hip hop topped up with Karl’s special beatboxing. They will be in different acts bridging live collaborations with Karl S. Williams and Briannah Grace.

In the ‘younger but rising’ singer/songwriters section we will welcome back Gympie’s favourite band Aspy Jones, and also Briannah Grace and Tilly Wright. These artists are pure inspiration, showing that hearing impairment or autism aren’t reasons big enough to stop them from being great creatives. These are exciting voices of the future.

Champion Sound System: A true veteran in the business, Selector Dubwise (Dubwise Productions record label), has been playing reggae and other drum and bass influenced genres since the 80s. So, expect to hear the best old and new school roots and rockers vibes.

Along with Selectors Johnny Champion and DJ Marco their 100% vinyl selection gets everybody moving and grooving. Always playing the best in positive and conscious music, family friendly, they provide a safe space where all tribes can come together in unity and enjoy the unique experience and uplifting vibe created by the sound system.

Special guest on the Friday will be Andy V with his signature saxophone creating live loops with his keyboards, The Master of Dubbing will create music like a true one-man band, using only his sounds. The guy that plays with a smile, truly in love with music and deeply passionate in sharing it.

Adam Buchanan is a music composer that believes in the enduring need for music in our lives. He will do the honour of opening the Festival with a Sound Bath – a deeply-immersive, full-body meditative listening experience where those in attendance are ‘bathed’ in sound waves that intentionally invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body

Last but certainly not least, our very own local musician: Aido Van de Vorst. Aido’s journey into music goes back decades. He has been part of bands, played solo – he is the kind of musician that is always ready for a jamming session. With his heavy-handed guitar style and powerful vocals Aido’s raw acoustic folk rock has an ‘old school busker’ feel and is sure to get your toes tapping.

After nine years in southwest Western Australia playing at wineries and breweries in a duo with his wife Tina and playing bass in the Tee Top Refuge’s, Aido has moved back home to southeast Queensland and set up in Rainbow Beach where he has been entertaining the community with a variety of local artists at various venues around town.

As you can see, you do not want to miss Rainbow Beach Spring Fest! 2022 is still a recovery year for live events so your support is vital to getting Australian music, art, and culture back on track.

Elisa Seul

RBSF Project Manager

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