Pay a visit to our dolphins

by Norma Sanderson

Now is the time to learn more about our dolphins. Scientific studies have been updating us with information, so what was thought to be right 10 – 20 years ago has not always been correct.

In the last month, crowds have been constant because everyone has heard about our beautiful weather, dolphins, sunrises and sunsets – a lovely place to live and visit.

Because the dolphins are a drawcard for tourists, it is important that the whole town supports the business. Not only do visitors want to see the dolphins, they are interested in the local area. Some go sailing, bushwalking and fishing and stay several days. This is a boost to our economy.

Remember that local residents do not pay admission to the Centre. The only charge is for feeding. So bring on down your grandchildren and visitors to see these rare and endangered mammals.

See you at the dolphins.

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