Saturn on the retirement trail – Junee

Here is Peter laden down with our ‘sweet’ purchases

Here is Peter laden down with our ‘sweet’ purchases

Peter and Margaret from Saturn Antennas

Back on the show circuit again! We missed all our travelling in the eight weeks we had back in Rainbow Beach (even though we achieved a lot around the home). And we could not have gone south at a colder time.

Some of the mornings we had -2 and -3 degrees. For these chilly frogs from Queensland, we were brrr…COLD! At the moment, we are in Dubbo and back to 25-29 degree days. Yeehaa! Bring on summer.

It has been pretty much full on with the travelling and the shows over this four-week period. But we did sneak in one day in Junee (well, half a day, anyway).

When we told some of our friends that we were going to call in to the Junee Chocolate and Licorice factory, they put in their orders – 8kgs of licorice for one friend and 4kgs for another. The licorice is truly amazing. I have fallen in love with the old flour mill converted into a licorice and chocolate factory. I wandered around the inside reading the history for ages.

I wish we had more time in Junee because it has so many things to see and do in the area. The next time we pass by we may investigate the ghosts in the Monte Christo Homestead and the heritage-listed Railway Roundhouse and Museum.

And speaking of Junee, the TV reception is one of 45% of transmitters in Australia that is vertically polarised. That means that you have to have a vertical antenna to pick up reception properly. Many antennas on the market today can be orientated to the vertical but the best antennas cater for the vertical TV signal and the horizontal signal without needing to be changed.

Is that like your antenna? No? Well, talk to us. The Saturn Antenna was designed here in Rainbow Beach to make life easy for the traveller. There is a horizontal AND a vertical aerial inside the shell of the Saturn Antenna. So there is no need to orientate the antenna when you go to a new place.

And what makes the Saturn Antenna really amazing is that it is made right here in Rainbow Beach. After 20 years, we can still say with great pride, “The Saturn Antenna is 100% Made in Australia from products that are 99% sourced in Australia by a company that is 100% Australian”. A fantastic record.

To support an Australian industry, call us on 07 5486 3471.

Safe Travels!

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