Recent Patrol Nabbed Abandoned Crab Pots

Source: Fisheries Queensland Facebook page

Source: Fisheries Queensland Facebook page

A recent joint patrol between Queensland National Parks and Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) saw officers targeting lost, abandoned, and unmarked pots from Inskip Point to the southern end of Tin Can Bay.

The focus of the patrol was to minimise ghost fishing in the region, where lost or abandoned fishing equipment continues to kill wildlife.

In 4 days, the team inspected more than 170 crab pots. Of the inspections, 24 pots were deemed as rubbish and 39 were seized as either ‘unmarked and unattended’ or ‘not marked in accordance with regulations.’

Officers are making efforts to return the seized pots and ensure owners properly mark them in the future.

To reduce the threat of ghost fishing, crab pots must be clearly marked with their owner’s identity and crabbers must remove them from the water when they’ve finished fishing.

Crab responsibly!

If you are unsure of the rules regarding crab pot marking, please visit the Recreational Fishing Rules page at

Fisheries Queensland

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