Rainbow Beach Water Tower Mural – The Journey Continues…

 The blank canvas of the water tower awaiting its imminent makeover.

The blank canvas of the water tower awaiting its imminent makeover.

Last month I wrote about the beginning of the journey to the realisation of a much anticipated Rainbow Beach Community project; that of the installation of a mural artwork on the township’s water tower  which is situated at the carpark adjacent to the pathway leading to the majestic Carlo Sand Blow.

With the trial artwork now complete, the next stage is all about finding the perfect place to display the trial artwork within the township precinct in order to maintain the interest and enthusiasm of the community, as well as offering visitors to our area an insight into the passion and appreciation we have for our wonderful and unique flora and fauna.

While a number of options have been discussed, the final decision will need to have taken into consideration some important requirements. The size of the trial artwork (5.2 x 3.6m) means that a large frame will be required to support the four sections, and the display area will need to be large enough and solid enough to support the display.

Whether erected on public infrastructure, or onto a privately owned building, permission will need to be sought and granted prior to the installation.

I spoke with local artist and architect, Scott Taylor, about some of the challenges that both the trial artwork, and the water tower projects present, and while admitting that there would be many challenges along the way, he was extremely optimistic that there was a collective determination and desire within the local community to ensure the success of these projects.

Scott believes that we have all the ingredients for success: the talented local artists, the inspiring subject matter, and the belief within the community that both the trial artwork, and the completed water tower project will add to our area’s many impressive attractions for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

Next month I will be bringing you updates on progress, and also input from some of the other local artists who are involved in this exciting journey, including Butchulla woman, Karen Hall, representing our local indigenous peoples.

Denise Orr

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