Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners News February 2022

Well, as I mentioned last month the Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners decided to have a short break after six years of helping farmers and communities in drought.

Some of you may not know but the drought rages on out west around Winton and other areas.

Working through Winton Council Family Support last month we donated $4000 in visa cards and probably upwards of $10,000 in presents and hampers.

Now we have flood devastation close to home ,so again no relief from disasters. Cyclone Seth certainly left a tale of woe.

This event reminds me of an event I read in a book called Cyclone. I can’t remember the exact date but about 100 years ago a cyclone hit Brisbane and moved inland to Gympie nearly

wiping it off the map. History always seems to repeat itself. Another in September 1932 demolished a lot of buildings in Gympie.

So again Rainbow Beach DroughtRunners will help – this time with fencing materials like we did after the fires in northeast Victoria two years ago.

We will start by putting in $5000 for fencing materials which will be delivered to contract fencers. Hopefully we can add to this.

This month we also donated $600 to feed the Gympie homeless.

We have already started canvassing for funds in Victoria as they have again enjoyed a wonderful season.

I must thank Breeze Caravan Park for bottle and can collections, and others donating to bins outside my house (10 Tingira Close). Big thanks to Wayne Kerle for collecting and sorting and all that are donating to us.

Donations from Tin Can Bay area can be left at Bay Auto in the industrial area, who continue to be a great help with the sorting.

If anyone can help with any donation to help those flooded it would be greatly appreciated:

Tony Stewart

RB Droughtrunners

BSB 124001

A/C  22599186

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