Rainbow Beach august 2015 fishing report

baitrunner tony stewartTony Stewart 54868666 www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

Since our last report we have managed quite a few trips offshore, although the weather has put paid to many.

There was a window during the Rainbow Beach Competition where the weather settled and we did three or four for the week with no comp competitors.

Late June to early July the catches were well above average with a couple of snapper bag-outs, but it has dropped off since the comp so hopefully this next moon will get them on the chew again.

Our best snapper catches were from the closer grounds this month and it was quite interesting to see many boats heading past us in search of the monster.

This gold spot wrasse delighted angler Pam from Ireland

This gold spot wrasse delighted angler Pam from Ireland

The wider grounds have produced plenty of parrot, moses and pearl perch, amberjack, Maori cod, hussar, snappery squire, a couple of coral trout, gold spot wrasse, jobfish and spangled emperor.

In closer, snapper and squire with pearl perch have been the main catch. Other species included Moses perch, parrot, amberjack, Maori cod, gold spot cod and long tail tuna.
Until next month – good fishing.

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