Proposed Service Station update

Thirteen written objections to the application for a material change of use for the proposed development at 66 Rainbow Beach Road were received by Council before the due date.

The application included a service station, food and drink outlet and offices and is proposed for LOT: 13 RB: 96921 by applicant Starwand Pty Ltd.

At present the site is located within a residential zone and the purpose of this zoning is to provide for a range and mix of dwelling types, including dwelling houses and multiple dwellings, supported by community uses that cater for local residents and which do not detract from the residential amenity of the area and do not undermine the viability of nearby centres.

According to the Gympie Regional Council’s website, there have been 13 objections submitted against the project citing a string of concerns, most prominently that the proposed development is considered excessive overdevelopment of the town, and a number of safety concerns.

Objectors believe the lack of demand by the region’s population of 1,340 which are already serviced with two existing service stations is sufficient to service the town, and that building a third service station will ensure the demise of the two existing businesses.

Given the proximity of the site to the entrance of town and the custom of vehicles to not reduce speed quickly enough coming into town it was stated by one that it was a dangerous and unacceptable option.

The significant land impacts of a service station were highlighted making it very unlikely the land could ever be used for residential purposes after operating as a service station.

A strong objection was that the establishment of this centre would encourage visitors to bypass the town centre and fracture the already burdened business community, and would not enhance or support the town and only be convenient for those wishing to bypass the town.

Noise impacts for residential developments in the immediate area were addressed along with the lack of consideration of fuel and gas odours of adjoining properties.

At present the application is at Stop the Clock (on hold) pending further consideration. We will keep you updated.

You can read the objections in full at:

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