Plant of the Month: Blue Lillypilly

Syzygium oleosum commonly known as ‘Blue lillypilly’

Syzygium oleosum commonly known as ‘Blue lillypilly’

The Cooloola City Farm Plant of the Month is Syzygium oleosum (commonly known as ‘Blue lillypilly’), which is usually a small tree, 4 to 15 metres tall.

The leaves are opposite, simple and ovate, with a dark glossy upper surface and paler under-surface.

The leaves have oil dots and are distinctly aromatic when crushed, with aromas reminiscent of lemons. Its flowers are small, white-cream coloured.

This plant produces a purplish red fruit when young, changing to purplish blue when ripe, and the fruit can be eaten when freshly picked from the tree or cooked.

Also it thrives in full sun or part shade and is loved by birds, bees and butterflies.

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