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Laurence is new to the group, pictured performing an Hawaiian song

Laurence is new to the group, pictured performing an Hawaiian song

We ended our season with a bonanza of music, multiple styles and genres and very accomplished performances.

The highlight of the evening for Pam was accompanying Sue Flower. Sue is an accomplished classical mandolin player and the pair seem to have an instinctive way of combining their talents.

Gunther performed on his slide guitar and also managed the sound system – thank you Gunther!

Sara and Kirsten’s performed a song and their combined voices is just a lovely sound. Rob came and we were able to congratulate him on his fundraising efforts, busking to raise funds for Youth Activity Project.

Marilyn and Frank and their Ukulele Group are performing better all the time. We congratulate them all.

We welcome Laurence who has now joined our group each month. He offers a wealth of music and has shared several different pieces.

Sue and Lu played with great panache, bringing their own brand of music, adapted for mandolin and guitar.

Len and Pam gave another performance of an Elton John song. Colleen excelled herself with her one-liners between acts and her funny story.

Everyone agreed it was a memorable evening and we will be back in September. For further information contact Pam on 0427 180 649 or

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