A waterprank for April Fool’s Day – but would you like a waterpark on the Cooloola Coast?

Ok, it is now pm on April 1. Happy April Fools everyone! I really wish a waterpark was coming to the Cooloola Coast! Wouldn’t it be great? Locals and visitors, would you support it and why? Where would it be best located? If you are involved in lobbying for one at TCB – how is it progressing? Email us and tell us your thoughts!

Here’s the article floated this April Fool’s Day morning:

The Cooloola Coast has been lobbying to gain a $200, 000 floating waterpark for the shallows on the Tin Can Bay.

State Government have allocated $100, 000 grant to be matched by local government. However there is one catch.

Assessments of potential sites has led to Pelican Bay in Rainbow Beach as the preferred location.

A new carpark will be part of the development, and the area will no longer be available for camping.

A spokesperson has advised that the waterpark will be of significant benefit to the region. “It is a tourist facility that is highly sought after on the Sunshine Coast. The park will bring immense tourist dollars to Rainbow Beach, families and youth are seeking active days out, and this is perfect for the backpacker market here.”

The infrastructure works for the waterpark will begin in August.


Rainbow Beach kids loved the Coolum waterpark – a similar water playground is happening on the Cooloola Coast

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