More pilates for you in 2019

Read up for the latest pilates classes in Rainbow Beach

Read up for the latest pilates classes in Rainbow Beach

Local lovers of pilates will be delighted to hear that Cooloola Coast Pilates & PT have begun a new term of offerings in Rainbow Beach.

As well as returning to the Pilates Mat Classes on Mondays, now at the Sands Motel, Instructor Sarah Booth is also starting classes for mum and bubs, and another for kids!

“This gives women the chance to exercise with their baby (up to 12 months) and there’s no need for childcare,” said Sarah.

“The big goals of this session are to teach women how to restore their core muscles post birth (including pelvic floor), and manage pain and tightness with the new demands of parenthood.”

Pilates for Kids is targeted to those eight years and up, “You don’t need to be super sporty. We’re looking to get kids moving, strengthen their bodies and improve flexibility, in a way that is fun.”

Thursdays, Sarah runs Pilates Extended sessions in her private studio which includes the resistance training, myofascial self-release techniques, fitball – Sarah prescribes exactly what you need – and you get to work on the Pilates Reformer.

Sessions are no longer in Tin Can Bay, but Sarah thanks her valued clients of seven years.

Monday at Rainbow Sands Resort, Rainbow Beach

9am    Pilates Mat + (55min)

10am    Functional Movement for back pain and real life (45min)

11am    Mums and Bubs Pilates Course (60min, 4-6 weeks)

4.45pm Pilates for Kids (45min)

5.30pm Pilates Mat X (pilates, functional movement, small props and more 60min)

Thursday at Cooloola Coast Pilates & PT Studio, 7 Esprit Drive, Rainbow Shores

9am, 10am, 11am, 4pm, 5pm    Pilates Extended Small Group Sessions (55min/group)

Suits all levels and abilities. Phone/text for more information and bookings on 0432 690 194!

For more class information:

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