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Lena Brodin will be sharing her skills - the local artist was presented with first prize “Our local area” section by Rick Modin at 2016 Brushes by the Sea Art Festival

Lena Brodin will be sharing her skills – the local artist was presented with first prize “Our local area” section by Rick Modin at 2016 Brushes by the Sea Art Festival

Monday and Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Wednesday and Friday 2pm – 5pm,

Saturday 9am – 12noon,  5486 3705, Visit us at:

Are you interested in learning how to draw or paint?

On Friday May 6 at 3pm, come and join prize-winning local artist Lena Brodin for afternoon tea and a discussion aimed at gauging interest in regular classes at the Rainbow Beach Library.

Lena will be asking what you would most like to learn, and art classes will be held over the coming months.

Lena will advise participants what they need to bring each week. Come along to this first session, and join in the fun!

Storytime and more for Under 5s

First 5 Forever (F5F) is a fun family literacy program and include stories, songs, rhymes and craft.

F5F sessions are held every week at the Rainbow Beach Library on Mondays, 10 to 11am and at the Tin Can Bay Library on Thursdays, 9.30am to 10.30am.


Gympie Regional Libraries welcome new members and joining is easy!

Just bring along a form of identification with your current residential address, and our friendly staff will sign you up.

Members can take advantage of our 20-item loan limit for a three week loan period. Members also have full access to our elibrary which includes ebooks, emagazines and emusic available to download on your device. Visitors to the region are welcome to join.

Ghost Galleon coverBook review by Geoff

Ghost Galleon

Errol Bishop


Penned by Queensland author Errol Bishop, Ghost Galleon is a delightfully written and captivating story, which will appeal to legions of readers who enjoy sea-faring adventure and fast-moving historical fiction.

The galleon in question is a 16th century Portuguese caravel which, according to legend, may still be buried in the sand dunes, peat bogs or beneath the waters of the 18 Mile Swamp on North Stradbroke Island.

Between the 1860s and 1930s, there were many reported sightings of the ship and related artefacts, with Portuguese coins, a knife and other items being handed down through generations of “Straddie” inhabitants.

Ghost Galleon is a fascinating “what-if” story, one which would change Australia’s maritime history if ever proven.

Portugal in the 1500s was certainly a seafaring power to be reckoned with, and Errol Bishop has done a superb job of re-imagining a voyage to the Great South Land, with a cast of empathetic characters, plausible motivations and thoroughly realistic settings and action.

Those who know Stradbroke will enjoy the descriptions of the island’s landforms and lakes, the respect shown to the original inhabitants and the feel and atmosphere that makes a visit there so special.

The reeds and grasses that sway with the breezes around Blue and Brown Lakes have many stories to tell, and this book makes it easy to imagine the Portuguese sailors in their armour emerging from the mists and shadows of the ti-trees.

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