It’s Grandparents’ Day 2017

by Chappy Ronnie

National Grandparents Day is on Sunday October 28 this year and Rainbow Beach School will be celebrating the importance of grandparents and thank them for their important role in our families on the morning of Friday October 27.

The theme for the morning will be ‘I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’ from the book written by Queensland author Brian Andrew, which follows Brian and his granddaughter on a journey through Brian’s garden where there are 4 special places – a think and thank seat, a let go log, cross over bridge and a dream table which teach children about the values of gratitude, forgiveness, courage and generosity.

Each class will be putting together a display based on the book to show grandparents and other visitors. Students will be serving morning tea in the garden and taking visitors on guided tours.

Thanks to the generosity of our P&C and Student Council we will be creating the four special places from the book in our own bush tucker garden in time for Grandparents’ Day.

Invitations will be sent home early in Term Four, but as many of our students do not have grandparents who live close by and may have family friends or neighbours they would like to invite, we would like to open the morning up to the local community. We will also have plants for sale that will help with ongoing costs of the garden.

If you would like to be part of our Grandparents’ Day celebration please contact Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867 or email: by Friday October 20.

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