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Judy Kiddle & Yvonne delighted with their recent HFW Awards

Judy Kiddle & Yvonne delighted with their recent HFW Awards

Our catchcry during the Christmas-New Year period was ‘Hearts still beating, feet still walking!’ Congratulations to the walkers who, as a result, reached goals and are rewarded by the Heart Foundation Walking programme.

Congratulations Yvonne on your first 25; Lauren and Susan on your second award, for 50 walks; Carmel, Judy, and Margie receive their first badge for 100 Walks; Kate her second badge for 200 Walks. Great effort and cause for celebration. Thanks Arthur for the cake we enjoyed.

As Margie said, ‘If I have done 100 walks, then Jack, our Border Collie has done at least 100.’  Congratulations to Margie and Des for their wedding anniversary on the day Margie completed her 100th walk. Double cause for celebration.

Welcome to new members, Debbie, Ian, James, and Rosalie. It’s free, fun, and a great way to improve our physical, mental, social, and emotional health, as well as providing excellent photography opportunities.

One of our members, Melissa, submitted a photo she took of One Step at a Time Tin Can Bay walkers on the foreshore path overlooking the Bay, to the Australia-wide Heart Foundation Walking 2023 Calendar competition. May features Heart Week, National Volunteer Week, and Mel’s winning photo. Well done!

Huge thanks to Tin Can Bay Library staff for your excellent, cheerful, encouraging technical assistance, when Judy Kiddle and I ‘Booked A Librarian’ on more than one occasion to upgrade our Walk Organiser status. We much appreciated your invaluable online assistance.

Contact Judy on 5486 2181 regarding Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers who meet 7.30am Mondays & Fridays at the Nautilus Drive bus shelter outside the Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre, or myself on 0400 756 615, for queries about One Step at a Time Tin Can Bay, walking Wednesdays & Saturdays 6am early group or 6.30am later group.

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