Have you heard of GIVIT?

Colleen Hair, CCCLDMSG

There are many organisations that can provide assistance in times of emergency.

GIVIT are a national not-for-profit organisation connecting those who have with those in need.  Through their website you can support others in need by giving exactly what is required in your local area when it’s needed most.

Please visit their website at www.givit.org.au to see what items may be needed in your community.

The Cooloola Coast Community Local Disaster Management Support Group operates from an office within the Cooloola Cove Community and Veterans Hall at Cooloola Cove and are contactable during an emergency on 5486 4483.

Check out our information board at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, Tin Can Bay for information on how to prepare for an emergency.

Our next meeting is on 9am, Tuesday June 12 at Cooloola Cove and all are welcome. Please contact Chairman Terry Steele on 54864483 if you require further information.

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