Keep Your Kids Extra Safe These Holidays

Before booking your child into a School Holiday Program, Camp or NDIS short-term respite this September, please ask the service provider for a copy of their Child Protection Policy.

You should ask:

  • Have you done a Risk Assessment to identify potential risks to children?
  • How do you minimise 1 adult to 1 child interactions?
  • Do you prevent staff from taking photos and videos of children in swimmers?
  • Where do you use my child’s photo as promotional material?
  • Do staff request permission before touching a child?
  • Are there additional prevention strategies for non-verbal or minimally-verbal children?
  • Do you have a 2 adult to 1 child policy for toileting, bathing and dressing?
  • Do you teach children about protective behaviours? (i.e. My Body Belongs to Me; Having a Strong No; Secrets; who to talk to if somebody breaks my body or personal rules)

Working with Children Cards and Police Clearances are only the first layer of safety measures. Fool proof policies and procedures are required.

Sacred Justice Inc is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity committed to advocating for the human rights of children, particularly those with disabilities or neurodivergence, to be protected from abuse. We believe all children deserve to feel empowered to have a voice and choice.

Expressions of interest now open for our NDIS December School Holiday Program in Rainbow Beach. Non-NDIS participants welcome.

Your child will learn self regulation techniques, how to manage bullying, and protective behaviours education in a safe, nurturing and FUN peer-supported environment.

Financial support may be available for families in need.

Contact Valli on 0410 370 510 or

Sacred Justice Inc

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